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Enlighten's revolutionary technology brings global illumination to real-time gaming. Real-time lighting means instant feedback, allowing artists to iterate rapidly towards their vision. It also opens up a new world of creative possibilities. Enlighten comes with a variety of aggressive optimization strategies targeted at today's consoles. Whether on PS3, Xbox 360 or PC, Enlighten can be configured for any computing or memory budget. The Enlighten sdk ships with a high-level API for ease of integration and a flexible low-level API for further customization. Enlighten is also available pre-integrated into UE3 to allow Unreal developers to immediately start work in a production-ready environment. For further information, please visit or mail for an evaluation.


FxStudio is the premier special effects editing system for video games. Designed for artists, engineers and producers, FxStudio's impressive feature set delivers the results that modern day game teams are looking for. Robust component driven architecture provides an easy to use and flexible system for crafting effects. FxStudio allows a developer to drag and drop components of the engine runtime into a timeline for easy sequencing. The developer can quickly combine systems to produce rich effects that include camera shake or post processing, particles or game object spawns, sounds, physics, gamepad rumble, and more. Evaluation version and more information is available at or email


Simplygon is a pipeline toolkit for automatically optimizing 3D content for LOD and platform porting with the speed and quality required in professional game development.  Simplygon is a great fire and forget tool for optimizing meshes and their textures. The product is designed to take high detail meshes (static and dynamic) and bake out lower levels of detail (LODs), and can replace the manual work of an artist to convert models to lower LODs. Simplygon can also bake all the textures on a mesh into a single texture to improve rendering performance at runtime. Simplygon is ideal for projects with large amounts of art assets or projects targeting weaker hardware platforms (and needing lower detail meshes). For an evaluation copy or live demo, send a request to Evaluation. For more information, please visit